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Polyurethane Injection Technology

Polyurethane Foam Injections

Polyurethane Foam Injections:  Engineered Foundation Technologies ("EFT") is the first company in the Northeast region to offer polyurethane foam injection technology to both the commercial and residential sectors.   Our high-tech equipment can inject a wide variety of specialty polyurethane foams, ranging from aggressively expanding foams for lifting applications to slow reactioning urethanes for void filling projects.  

Some common applications for polyurethane foam include:

  • Slabjacking:  Slabjacking (also known as mudjacking) can reliably lift walkays, pool patios, warehouse floors, and even concrete highway slabs.  Small injection holes (5/8") for polyurethane vs. 1-5/8" for traditional slabjacking.  
  • Void Filling:  Underslab and subsurface voids can be filled with high-strength polyurethane foam.  Urethane foam is desirable for void filling because of it's superior physical properties , specifically in that it's lightweight yet strong, water repelling, durable, and requires very small 5/8" dia. injection holes
  • Joint Stabilization:  Concrete joint stabilization specifically affects warehouse floors.  When a concrete slab is improperly done, the slab joints can become unstable, resulting in damage from heavy forklift traffic.  Polyurethane foam provides fast and reliable means for repairing unstable joints. 
  • Curled Slab Repair:  Curled concrete slabs result from improper moisture conditions during the curing process.  When the moisture above the slab and below vary greatly, the concrete can "curl" in a bowl-shaped manner, resulting in a defective and unstable flooring system.  Polyurethane foam can greatly help in stabilizing curled concrete slabs.
  • Machine Base StabilizationHeavy machinery are commonly supported on thickened concrete slab. Many industrial equipment can produce high levels of vibrations. When the soils and concrete are not properly done, the heavy vibrations can result in unwanted movement of the equipment. This phenomenon can also produce bothersome and disruptive noises as well.  Polyurethane foam provides an effective solution for machine base stabilization projects. 

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