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Mudjacking for Concrete Raising - Revere, MA

July 17, 2011

Mudjacking for Settling Concrete Repair - Revere, Massachusetts

Concrete Repair Problem:  Concrete walkways, connecting three large commercial buildings, had differentially settled.  Most notable, the concrete generally tilted down towards the buildings, allowing water to pool against the foundation.  This was especially difficult in winter, as snow melt would freeze and create potentially dangerous conditions for pedestrian traffic. 

Project Considerations: A 'rip and replace' was not desirable, as the construction would greatly impact the existing business around the complex.  The noise and general disruption from concrete construction was to be avoided if possible. 

Concrete Raising: EFT provided mudjacking as an alternative to raising the concrete.   A viscous cement slurry was injected through the concrete, quickly raising the slabs back to level.  The total project took only two days to complete. 

Benefit: Mudjacking solved the concrete problem and quickly restored the concrete walkways with minimal disruption to the commercial units. 

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