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Infrastructure Rehabilitation

Concrete Leveling for Roads and Highways

Polyurethane slabjacking can effectively lift highway slabs. The polyurethane hardens in just fifteen minutes, greatly minimizing construction impact to the existing roadway.

Polyurethane Slabjacking is currently used by DOT's to lift concrete highways in several areas.  The polyurethane foam effectively lifts a sunken highway slab from underneath and can be driven on with heavy trucks almost immediately. 

Applicatons include: Concrete highway slabs lifting/undersealing, infrastructure repair, airport runways, soil stabilization, warehouse floors, industrial slabs, basement floors, and heavy machinery stabilization. 

High density polyurethane foam provides all the benefits of traditional slabjacking materials, but with new and improved physical characteristics. These benefits include:

  • Less Construction Time: Polyurethane slabjacking work generally takes a fraction of the time required for most concrete replacement work. It is also faster than traditional slabjacking, especially for projects where large quantities of material is required.
  • Fast Set-Up Time: Polyurethane generally reaches ninety percent strength within 15 minutes from initial injection. This benefit is greatly realized for sites that experience heavy traffic load, especially for warehouse floors and concrete roads. Once a highway slab is lifted with polyurethane, it can be driven on almost immediately.
  • Lightweight Properties: Polyurethane foam is extremely lightweight. When lifting concrete over soft soils, polyurethane foam will minimally overburden the existing subsoil, greatly limiting future settlement.
  • Less Impact: High density polyurethane foam requires significantly less clean-up when compared to traditional slabacking. This is greatly beneficial for sites containing operations sensitive to dust and construction debris.
  • High-Strength: Polyurethane grout can achieve compressive strengths in excess of 100 psi within minutes. This high-tech material is much stronger than traditional slabjacking grouts.

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