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Brooks Trap Mill Slab Repair - Thomaston, Maine

September 16, 2012

This sunken slab in Thomaston, Maine settled over a foot in some areas. The slab repair consisted of the application of polyurethane foam technology.

The loading dock contained about 2,000 square feet of concrete that settled almost a foot over a ten year period.  Due to the extreme sloping, forklifts were not safely operable with a full load, rendering the load dock useless during the busy season for this facility.  

It appeared that the subsoils were improperly prepared during the construction and were not placed as "structural fill", allowing the slab to excessively settle.  The company sought a solution to repair the floor without the disruptions associated with traditional concrete replacement.   

Slab Settlement Repair was performed through the application of urethane slabjacking technology.  This process provides a means for Concrete Raising with minimal disruptions.    In fact, most projects take only days to complete.  

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