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Mudjacking for Sidewalk Repair | Marlboro, MA

January 20, 2011

Employed Mudjacking Techniques to Repair Concrete Sidewalks - Marlborough, Massachusetts

Concrete Problem: Miles of concrete sidewalk had differentially settled, causing numerous tripping hazards for pedestrians. Furthermore, the pool patio for this luxury apartment complex had differentially settled as well. As a result, the pool patio also presented several tripping hazards to the residents.  The hazards also posed liability risks to the property owners as well.   

Project Considerations: A conventional tear-out would be extremely disruptive to the apartment community. The sidewalks would also have to be closed for some time from the construction to take place. Further costs could be incurred from damage to the neatly landscaped areas around the concrete walkways.

Mudjacking Solution: Slabjacking was utilized to address the settling concrete slabs. A specialty grout was injected injected through small holes drilled in the concrete, ultimately raising it from below.

Benefit of Mudjacking: The process greatly improved the condition of the walkways and cost a fraction of the alternative options.  The work was completed with minimal disruption to the surrounding area and took only days to complete.  

Testimonial: "I was very pleased, they went through the entire property and fixed everything in a couple days. The alternative would be to grind the hazards out or replace them, which would be very labor intensive and noisy, and we can't have that in a residential setting such as ours."

Shawn Pike, Property Manager – Jefferson at Wheeler Hill

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