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Concrete Raising - Ansonia, Connecticut

January 19, 2012

Concrete Raising: The concrete floor of this ten year old house had settled over three inches.  Furthermore, there was a significant void underneath the floor.   Limited exploratory drilling revealed the void measured between 3 and 4 inches in some areas.  

Polyurethane Slabjacking: EFT utilized polyurethane slabjacking to raise the sunken concrete.   A handful of small holes were drilled in the floor and the polyurethane foam was injected to fill the void space.   Once the void was filled, EFT continued to lifted the slab through strategic grouting work. 

Thermal Benefits: The owner also noticed the floor was very cold in the winter and most likely was causing significant heat loss.  Because of it's high R-value, Urethane foam also provides insulation benefits to the house and helps prevent unnecessary thermal loss from the void space. 

The project was successfully completed in a single day with minimal disturbance. 

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