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Polyurethane Injection Technology

Curled Slab Repair in MA and NH

Massachusetts Slab curling can severely disrupt the serviceability of a concrete slab. Curled concrete slabs slow down forklift traffic. Polyurethane slabjacking can easily repair the warped concrete.

The first step is to fill the underslab void created from the curling. Polyurethane foam effectively can fill the void without disrupting existing business operations in New Hampshire.

Once the void space has been filled with polyurethane, topical unevenness is addressed if required. The slab surface can be repaired by removing portions of the curled slab and replacing it with a high strength mortar.

Concrete curling is a phenomenon that can greatly disrupt serviceability of a concrete floor. Concrete is subject to warping at the edges from uneven drying or differences in temperature. The curling action can lift the edges of the slab upward, creating an unsupported section at the edges. Factors that lead to curling include:

  • Uneven drying at surfaces

  • Poor concrete mix

  • Water content ratio to high

  • Improper subbase preparation

Foam Injections: EFT provides minimally invasive techniques for repairing curled concrete floor slabs. Polyurethane foam is an ideal technology for projects where existing businesses occupy the warehouse area. 

The repair process is commonly referred to as joint stabilization. In general, the process starts with filling the subfloor void space with polyurethane. It is preferable to inject a fast-setting material for this task. Once the base has been stabilized, the surface flatness can be addressed if required.  In most cases, the work can be performed with minimal impact to the facility and it's operations. 

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