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Case Studies

EFT: Repair of Tripping Hazard for Town of Westford, MA
October 8, 2010

Problem: Frost heaving had affected the concrete walkway leading to the Highway Department, creating a major tripping hazard. One of the concrete slabs had heaved almost an inch over the winter

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Slabjacking at Harvard Graduate School - Boston, MA
August 7, 2011

EFT provided slabjacking work for a settling concrete slab at the Harvard Graduate School in Boston, Massachusetts. A cement slurry was injected through the concrete to fill the void below.

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EFT Eliminated Tripping Hazards for Concrete Walkway at Restaurant
November 20, 2010

Problem: The concrete walkways around the existing restaurant had differentially settled, causing multiple significant tripping hazards to pedestrians. The concrete slabs were reportedly poured on fro

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Mudjacking for Sidewalk Repair | Marlboro, MA
January 20, 2011

Problem: Miles of concrete sidewalk had differentially settled, causing numerous tripping hazards for pedestrians. Furthermore, the pool patio for this luxury apartment complex had differentially sett

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Hollow-Bar Micropiles Support Settling Foundation
February 13, 2010

The site contained about 15-20 feet of buried blast rock fill. The difficult soils would only accommodate a drilled piling system capable of advancing through the rock fills.

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Mudjacking for Concrete Raising - Revere, MA
July 17, 2011

EFT used a pressure grouting process, commonly known as mudjacking and slabjacking, to lift about 200 feet of sunken concrete. The concrete walkways were located outside of a busy commercial building

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Curled Slab Repair with Polyurethane Foam Injections
October 13, 2010

Four acres of concrete slabs experienced a phenomenon known as slab curling. The concrete slabs effectively curled upwards and were cracking and deteriorating from heavy forklift traffic.

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Concrete Raising - Ansonia, Connecticut
January 19, 2012

The concrete floor of this 10 year old house was raised with polyurethane slabjacking. The concrete was lifted over three inches in a single day.

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Concrete Lifting - Lenox, Massachusetts
January 19, 2012

In lieu of the conventional rip and replace approach, EFT slab jacked the concrete floor with polyurethane foam injections. The under-slab void was ultimately filled and the concrete was lifted back.

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Concrete leveling - Marshfield, Massachusetts
September 16, 2012

Uneven concrete slabs were repaired through a series of polyurethane foam injections. The process provided a cost effective means of leveling the walkways.

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