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Slab Repair MA | Condominium Association

September 16, 2012

Slab Problem: This 55+ condo association in Massachusetts contained miles of concrete sidewalks.  In many areas, the concrete slabs differentially settled, creating tripping hazards throughout the complex.  Furthermore, a high proportion of the residents were elderly and the tripping hazards required immediate repair. 

Furthermore, the association desired a minimally impactful means of repairing the settling concrete.   The traditional "rip and replace" approach was not wanted, specifically due to the high disruptions involved with concrete jackhammering and concrete work.   

Concrete Repair:  Engineered Foundation Technologies was contracted to provide slabjacking work for the repair work.   EFT utilized a urethane slabjacking technology to rapidly lift the sunken slabs within minutes of injection.   The slabs were successfully repaired throughout the association within a 5 day working period with minimal disturbance to the residents.

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